Delivery of goods to Slovakia - Slovak prices (for business partners on IR)

Deliveries without VAT (delivery is agreed by the carrier) are possible for traders who register on the ID number and after delivery of a copy of the Trade Certificate or OR statement and delivery of a copy of the VAT ID document. Invoice and prepayment are in €. Orders from registered on the ID number in excess of CZK 3025 (CZK 2,500 excluding VAT) - see order creation - equivalent in €, are sent by an agreed carrier with or without postage.

Delivery of goods to Slovakia - Slovak prices (for final customers)

For regular delivery of goods from the e-shop we use the services of PPL, Zásilkovna and Slovak Post Office (post office with delivery to the Shipment in the Czech Republic), payment in EUR by bank transfer to the Slovak account with FIO bank in EUR only (for non-cash transfer) , internetbanking, not a deposit at the counter), all for Slovak fees. We issue the document in EUR as soon as possible after ordering the goods and send it by e-mail to make a non-cash transfer to the account 2300238482/8330, IBAN: SK71 8330 0000 0023 0023 8482, SWIFT: FIOZSKBAXXX, payment and bank fees within Slovakia at the bank counter). Payment is credited to our account within 1-2 days. The shipment is handed over to the carrier immediately - but only after the amount has been credited to the bank account.

Please note: Other methods of payment and transport than the "SK Slovakia" selection cannot be used and the order will be canceled, as this selection cannot be additionally changed in the goods issue system due to a change in the final price!


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